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10 Affordable Hublot Big Bang Homage Alternatives

The Hublot Big Bang is a modern classic in the world of high end watches. Featuring an incredibly distinctive style, fusing materials seamlessly to create a masterpiece.

The brand itself is named for the appearance of the watches, Hublot is in fact French for ‘porthole’, and the exposed ‘H’ design screws around the fixed bezels help to create this iconic look that has spawned countless homages, of which some of the best are described below.

Invicta Anatomic Subaqua


The Invicta Subaqua is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable Hublot Big Bang alternative. Its styling is completely unique, yet it features a similar look to the Hublot. It features an 18k rose gold plated bezel with tachymeter markings, and helping this watch stand out from the crowd is the plastic case, with stainless steel case back.

The Subaqua boasts chronograph functionality, with screw down crown and pushers, enabling this watch to attain a water resistance rating of 200 meters! The case measures in at an enormous 50 mm, making it the largest of all the watches mentioned in this article, perfect for those who like a large timepiece. It sits upon a rubber strap with buckle closure.

Stuhrling Apocalypse

The Stuhrling Apocalypse, on appearance alone, is a top Hublot Big Bang homage. It features many of the Hublot’s style cues, as well as the functionality. It features working chronograph sub dials, and fuses a rubber strap with its rose gold tone stainless steel case. Both the Stuhrling and the Hublot feature a date window uniquely placed at the 4 o’clock position.

The Stuhrling’s strap closes by deployment clasp; it wears large, with a case measurement of 46 mm compared to the 44 mm of the original Hublot. The Stuhrling Apocalypse, like the Hublot Big Bang, sports exposed screws around the bezel, for that ‘porthole’ look. It features a water resistance of 100 meters, and is powered by a Swiss quartz movement, which differs from the Hublot’s automatic engine.

Megir 3002G

The Megir 3002G is an extremely affordable Hublot Big Bang homage. It bears a striking resemblance aesthetically to the original. The Megir features a carbon fiber effect dial, and is available in a range of tones, from gold, rose gold, and silver. The Megir has working chronograph features, just as the Hublot does.

The Megir is a large watch, measuring in at 46 mm, just a little larger than the 44 mm Big Bang; it sits on a silicone strap, with a deployment clasp closure. In addition to the sub dials, the Megir features a date window between 4 and 5 o’clock, and is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

Bulova Marine Star Calendar

The Marine Star from Bulova represents a great quality Hublot Big Bang homage. From the chronograph features, to the porthole look bezel, the Marine Star hits many of the major style cues of the Hublot.

The Bulova Marine Star is powered by a quality quartz movement. It features 100 meters water resistance, and a date window at 4:30, matching the Hublot in both areas. The case is stainless steel in a rose gold tone, and measures in at 44 mm, once again, identical stats to the Big Bang. The Marine Star sits on a rubber strap, fastened by a traditional buckle closure.

Parnis Pilot V

The Parnis Pilot is another affordable Big Bang alternative. It provides an option for those who love the design of the Hublot Bing Bang, but perhaps don’t care for a rubber strap. The Parnis Pilot sits on a brown leather strap, which compliments the gold tone, steel case perfectly.

Like the Hublot, it has a porthole look created by use of exposed screws around the bezel and is presented in a 44 mm case. It boasts a water resistance rating of 50 meters and is powered by a quartz movement.

Michael Kors Dylan

The Michael Kors Dylan clearly pays homage to the iconic Hublot Big Bang in several ways, most notably the fusion of the rose gold toned stainless steel case with a rubber strap. Like the original Hublot, this Michael Kors watch features 100 meters water resistance, and boasts chronograph functionality.

The Dylan is powered by a quartz movement housed within a 48 mm case, making this a large watch! It stand out from the Hublot in that the date window is at the 6 o’clock position.

Swiss Legend Trimix Driver


The Swiss Legend Trimix Diver is more than just fashion, it’s extremely functional too. Boasting a quality Swiss Quartz movement, and a water resistance of 200 meters, doubling the Hublot Big Bang’s 100 meter rating. This affordable alternative to the Hublot Big Bang features many of the original’s style cues, from the brushed, gold tone stainless steel case, to the screws placed around the bezel for the porthole look.

The Swiss Legend Trimix Diver has a unique screw down protective cap over the crown, chronograph functionality, and a date window at the 4 o’clock position. The dial features Arabic numerals, and like the Hublot, has a rubber strap, and a 44 mm case.

Orient Enforcer

The Enforcer is an affordable Hublot Big Bang alternative from the quality watchmaker, Orient. The Orient Enforcer pays homage to the Hublot in the most obvious way, with the screws placed around the bezel. Additionally, both the Orient and the Hublot feature a sapphire crystal and are powered by automatic movements.

The Orient Enforcer is presented in a 44 mm stainless steel case, and sits upon a stainless steel bracelet, unlike the rubber featured on the Hublot. The Enforcer is water resistant to 100 meters, and features 3 sub dials on a handsome white dial.

Forsining FSG8107M3S1

This Forsining skeleton style watch certainly fits the bill as an affordable Hublot Big Bang alternative. Retaining its own individual style, whilst taking design cues from the legendary Hublot, the Forsining features the ‘porthole’ look, with its exposed screws around a fixed bezel, as well as the fusion of a stainless steel case with a rubber strap.

The Forsining Hublot alternative features a skeletonized dial, allowing you to see the workings of the automatic movement from the front, or from the back through the display case back. It is splash resistant, which is more than suitable for a dress watch.

Orient Elite Sport

If you’re looking for an affordable Hublot Big Bang alternative, you’ll find one in the Orient Elite Sport. Orient are known for quality automatic watches and this is no different. It features rose gold tone stainless accents, and like the Hublot, screws around the bezel for a porthole look. The Orient features a date window at 6 o’clock vs. 4 o’clock on the Hublot.

The sub dials on the Elite sport do not provide chronograph functionality, but instead mark the day, and the 24 hour time. The Orient Elite Sport is slightly smaller that the Hublot at 42 mm, it sits on a rubber strap and is water resistant to 100 meters.


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