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9 Affordable Rolex Day Date Homage Alternatives

The Rolex Day Date is a modern classic, first introduced in 1956. The affordable Rolex Day Date homage alternatives featured in this article reflect the best options available today if you love the Day Date but perhaps can’t stretch to the cost of the original.

The Rolex Day date built upon the classic design first seen with the introduction of the Rolex Datejust in 1945. The Rolex Day Date was the very first watch to feature both the date and day of the week fully spelled out in letters.

Best Rolex Day Date Homage

Orient President EV0J003B / EV0J001G / EV0J003W


The Orient President is very similar to the Rolex Day Date, with a slight difference in bracelet choice (the Orient uses a Jubilee style bracelet rather than the President bracelet on the Rolex). Water resistant to 100m, the Orient allows for showering and surface swimming.

It features an automatic Japanese movement, fluted bezel, sapphire crystal, stainless steel case and bracelet, and cyclops date magnifier at 3 o’ clock. The day of the week is shown in a curved window at the top of the dial just as on the Rolex. This Orient is available in 3 color ways; plain stainless steel case and bracelet with silver or black dial, and gold-tone stainless steel case and bracelet with a gold colored dial.

Bulova Classic 96C127 / 96C125


The Bulova Classic shares some similarities with the Rolex Day Date, most notably the day and date positions and style. Other than that, the Bulova is unique enough to stand on its own as a Rolex Day Date alternative rather than a homage or tribute.

The 39mm case has a plain, polished bezel ring and houses a quartz movement, and it is water resistant to 30m. The Bulova Classic is constructed from brushed stainless steel with polished mid links. This Bulova can be had with either a silver colored dial or a striking blue colored dial.

Seiko 5 SNXJ89


The Seiko 5 SNXJ89 lies somewhere in between being a Rolex Day Date homage and a Rolex Datejust homage. It shares some common features with the Rolex, most obvious is the fluted bezel. Where the Seiko is distinctly different is the crown location, which is set around 4 o’ clock, unique amongst all of the watches reviewed here. The day window, which shows an abbreviated day and is located at 3 o’ clock and that it uses a Jubilee style bracelet vs. the President bracelet on the Rolex.

The Seiko 5 SNXJ89 is water resistant to 30 meters, and uses a quality, automatic Japanese movement housed in a 31.4mm stainless steel case.

Seiko 5 SGF206


The Seiko 5 SGF206 is certainly a sleek Rolex Day Date homage. Whilst it does not feature the curved day window between 11 and 1 o’ clock, this Seiko has a very clean and simple dial, best described as elegant. The day is shown in abbreviated form at the 3 o’ clock position alongside the date window.
This Seiko, just like the Rolex Day Date, features a 36mm case.

It is presented in gold-tone stainless steel on a Jubilee style bracelet, it features a Japanese quartz movement, fluted bezel, and has a water resistance rating of 30m.

Casio MTP-1381L-1AVDF / MTP-1381D-7AVDF / MTP-1381L-7AVDFrolex-day-date-homage-casio

Casio are mostly known for digital watches, but here they have offered an analog Rolex Day Date homage available in several configurations. The date window is down at the 6 o’ clock position and it features the curved Day window just like the Rolex. The dial is sleek and timeless, again, just like the Rolex.

Available on a black leather band with black dial, brown leather band with silver dial or on a stainless steel bracelet with silver dial. All three color ways feature a 41.7mm stainless steel case, housing a Japanese quartz movement, and water resistance is rated at 50m.

Peugeot 1029G / 1029S


The Peugeot 1029G bears more than a passing resemblance to the Rolex. The biggest difference in this case being the Japanese quartz movement vs. the automatic Swiss engine of the Rolex, and the large Roman numeral hour markers.

The Peugeot features a 40mm case, fluted bezel, curved day window, date window with ‘cyclops’ magnification, and is water resistant to 30m. It is constructed from stainless steel and is available with durable 14k gold plating.

Alpha Day Date

The Alpha Day Date is a strong Rolex Day Date Homage. At first glance there is little discernible difference between the Alpha and the Rolex, however a closer look identifies some subtle differences. The Alpha has a 39mm case, compared to the 36mm case on the Rolex.

The Alpha Day Date has a stainless steel case on a President style band, fluted bezel, a water resistance rating of 30m, and is powered by an automatic movement.

Best Rolex Day Date Alternative

Hamilton Jazzmaster Day Date H32505151


The Hamilton Jazzmaster is a great option if you’re looking for a Rolex Day Date alternative. With significant brand history backing them up, Hamilton are known for high quality watches. The Jazzmaster is not a homage to the Rolex per se, but it does feature the iconic curved day window between 11 and 1 o’ clock, and a very similar dial appearance to the Rolex.

The Hamilton Jazzmaster features a 40mm stainless steel case, Oyster style bracelet, an automatic Swiss movement, and is water resistant to 50m.

Tag Heuer WJF2010.BA0592


The Tag Heuer Link (model WJF2010.BA0592) is another top Rolex Day Date alternative. The famous Swiss watchmakers are known for beautiful timepieces and this Link is certainly no different. If you are looking for a high-end watch with similarities to the Rolex Day Date, this is a solid choice.

The Tag features a curved day window between 11 and 1 o’clock just as it is on the Rolex, a date indicator at the 6 o’ clock position, a plain stainless bezel ring, and it is presented in stainless steel on the famous Tag Heuer Link bracelet. It’s case measures 42mm, it has a sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to an impressive 200m, amongst the highest rating of all of the major Rolex Day Date alternative watches.

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