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EDC Hot Sauce: Packin’ Heat for Everyday Spice

Why would you EDC hot sauce? Well, you never know when you’ll need it. Of course, the same can be said about any everyday carry item but, if you’re already reading this article you probably understand the importance of hot sauce.

The hot sauce industry is on fire. However, Tabasco, Frank’s RedHot, and Sriracha only make up about one-third of the billion-dollar industry‚Äôs sales. The new demand for the supremely spicy hot sauces is being filled by smaller companies, similar to the craft beer boom. For example, Mad Dog 357, rated at 357,000 Scoville units (hence the 357), is roughly 100 times hotter than Tabasco or Sriracha.

More and more people are upping the spice level of their foods, and some restaurants are taking notice. Unfortunately, you won’t always find your hot sauce of choice next to the ketchup and mustard at the end of the table. Those of you with a higher tolerance to spice will probably be less than satisfied with most restaurant’s “spicy” offerings.

The Best Ways to EDC Hot Sauce

You’re also probably not finding that bottle of Tabasco, Sriracha, Frank’s RedHot, Texas Pete, or Louisiana Hot Sauce if you are unexpectedly grabbing some food on the go. Here’s how you can EDC hot sauce, and never get caught empty handed again.

Sriracha2Go EDC Hot Sauce Keychain Bottle

Two sizes fit all: This Sriracha branded keychain bottle is the perfect solution for those looking to EDC hot sauce, no matter the brand. These bottles come empty, meaning you can fill them with whatever hot sauce you desire. The plastic is food-grade, BPA free, and TSA friendly. Most hot sauces do not explicitly require refrigeration after opening, so no worries on that front.

These EDC hot sauce bottles are officially licensed by the makers of Sriracha, Huy Fong. Two bottles are included, 1 fl ounce, and 1.7 fl ounces. A stainless steel carabiner is also included for each bottle. The green screw-down caps are flip-top and leak proof.

Extra buzz:
“We’re imagining chile heads busting this bottle out at tailgates, Mexican restaurants and the next time Grandma decides to make her special, but extremely bland, chicken and rice casserole.” – LA Times

Sriracha Mini EDC Hot Sauce Keychain Bottle

Another keychain bottle: The Sriracha Mini is another option for those looking to EDC hot sauce. The Sriracha Mini ships empty, so you can fill it with whatever you’d like. The screw cap is similar to the closer to the full-sized Sriracha cap. These bottles are food grade and BPA free. The Sriracha Mini also ships with a stainless steel carabiner.

This is also an option for those of you who may feel that carrying around a green capped, Sriracha branded bottle has become a bit too stereotypical of the hipster foodie community.

Keygoes Keychain Chili Power Shaker

Chili powder on your keychain: The Keygoes:Chili is a compact key chain chili powder shaker. This shaker is refillable with your favorite spices. Any hot sauce flavor, or chili that comes in a powdered form can be made part of your EDC with this.

Carrying this little can is definitely more discreet and in the worst case scenario you end up with some stray chili powder in your pocket, or your bag. Although it does sacrifice the sauce factor, this little guy can still pack plenty of heat to spice up your meals.

The Keygoes:Chili is available with several spices to start including Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia, and Habanero. Each vial holds 0.07 ounces or around 2 grams of spice.

Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

The real thing, but smaller: Mini bottles are a great way to EDC hot sauce. The 1/8 oz bottle is the perfect way to EDC Tabasco, but if you’re looking for something else, most big name hot sauces offer mini bottles. The good thing about mini bottles is that they are often small enough to be one or two time uses, meaning you don’t have to worry about keeping the cap clean, or refilling the bottle. Just recycle the old one and grab a new one the next time you head out.

There’s also a keychain designed so that you can EDC Tabasco 1/8 oz mini bottles.

These Tabasco bottles were often included in MREs for the military, as it has been dubbed “The Miltary’s Favorite Condiment”. The sizes of various hot sauce mini bottles ranges from 1/8 oz to 2 oz. The 2 oz bottles are probably pretty tough to carry without a bag, or a ..holster (more on that below).

Hot Sauce Packets

Pack it up: Speaking of MREs, recently the military switched over from 1/8-ounce glass bottles of Tabasco to ketchup-sized packets in MREs. This was done to save weight and reduce overall costs.

Plenty of big name hot sauces are available in packets. These are absolutely one time use and ultra-portable. However, carrying hot sauce packets around in your pockets might not be the greatest idea. One poorly executed seat maneuver and you’re going to have a saucy pocket. This hot sauce EDC option is best reserved for bags and backpacks.

Custom Hot Sauce Holster

Tactical, practical?: A hot sauce holster is for those willing to open-carry their EDC Tabasco, or any small, similarly shaped bottle of hot sauce. These make great gifts for chile heads, just don’t be shocked if they actually start wearing it around town. Go for it, we won’t judge.

A holster could also be used to firmly secure your EDC hot sauce inside of a bag, backpack, or anywhere else where hot sauce should be easily accessible (everywhere?).

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