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Best Inverted Umbrella – Umbrellas That Open In Reverse

An inverted umbrella – that sounds absolutely ridiculous, and you know it.
I agree, but hear me out first. I promise, the best umbrellas anywhere are the designs found in our list of the best inverted umbrellas. Let me explain why you need an inverted umbrella.

Everyone knows that the most annoying part of using an umbrella is getting it into your car door. I’m sure most umbrella users are familiar with the performance art that involves holding an umbrella above your car door in an attempt to avoid scratching your paint, while fiddling with the clunky closing mechanism. As the edges of the umbrella close in toward the handle, they generously dump all the excess water on your upturned face. At the same time, you’re trying to sit down in your car seat without stepping in the newly-formed puddle you unfortunately chose as a parking spot.

Not to mention, if it’s raining any more than a drizzle, you’re probably much wetter than you expected to be after having the forethought to pack an umbrella. The same problem occurs when you try to go through doors or squeeze the umbrella into any narrow space.


Umbrellas have been around for almost 4,000 years, and they have gone through many forms. The Chinese thought to waterproof them, elegant ladies throughout history have used them as parasols, and today we even have compact umbrellas and umbrella hats. But somehow no one has ever made any adjustments to the cumbersome opening and closing mechanism of umbrellas.

Thankfully, some folks of the inventive sort thought to reverse the umbrella closing motion. The reverse umbrella, or inverted umbrella, is the culmination of this design change (I remember when inverted umbrellas were for prop comedy, but this is a much more practical use).

Here’s what I mean. Rather than the edges of the umbrella closing down toward you, the reverse umbrella folds in the opposite direction. The center of the umbrella slides down toward you, and the edges tilt up, just like a flower closing its petals. This motion effectively captures excess rainwater. Because the umbrella’s narrow end is nearest to you, you can slide it after you into the car or through the front door. Just like that, the frustrating aspect of umbrellas for thousands of years has been resolved. Call it the inverted umbrella, the reverse umbrella, the inside out umbrella, or whatever you want, but no one can deny it’s a useful invention.

The Best Inverted Umbrella or Reverse Umbrella

You’re probably wondering what options are available for you in purchasing an inverted umbrella. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a variety of inverted umbrella brands to choose from. These reverse umbrella brands offer different technologies and styles. Whether you want a fashionable pattern, an easy-to-use automatic opening, or a super-practical handle, these umbrellas have what you are looking for to make rainy days less gloomy.
We’ve compiled a short list to help you choose the best umbrella for your needs, starting with the best reverse umbrella out there.

The Better Brella Wind-Proof Reverse Open Umbrella


The Better Brella is our pick for the best inverted umbrella. We’ve chosen this option for its creative technology, classic color options, and simple, no-frills appearance that makes it appropriate for all sorts of situations.

This is an auto-opening reverse umbrella, which means you only need to press the button to make it expand into an instant rain shield. As a result, this umbrella is extremely easy and convenient to use. It is available in black, red, or zebra print for the inner lining, whatever matches your style. The outer lining is always a clean, solid black. The simple look of this umbrella is great, and it even comes with a cord on the handle so you can carry it on your wrist.

The Better Brella Features:

  • Automatic opening with a single button
  • Ribbed, ergonomic grip
  • Straight handle
  • Solid, pointed tip to prevent damage to the umbrella material
  • Windproof double layer made of canvas (strong enough for snow)
  • Extra-wide canopy spread at 44 inches
  • 32 inches tall when folded

The excellent reviews on this umbrella testify that it is versatile and ideal for all sorts of people, which is why we’ve chosen it as the best reverse umbrella.

The Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


The Bagail Double Layer comes in at third place. This is an affordable, compact reverse umbrella, which makes it a perfect item to store inside your car. One of the best features of this umbrella is the range of colors and designs it comes in. For the price, you could purchase two or three to cover any occasion. Although this innovative c handle umbrella may not present the most attractive look, it’s immensely practical, giving you the freedom to hold other things without the fear that the umbrella will slip off your arm. This product has fantastic reviews and is very popular.

The Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Features:

  • C shaped handle that enables “hands-free” holding by allowing you to rest the umbrella on your wrist or forearm
  • UV protection from the sun (UPF 50)
  • Windproof double layer
  • Double layer of ribs that enhances durability
  • 31.9 inches tall when folded
  • 47.2 inch canopy spread
  • Several different solid color and print designs

This umbrella is perfect for those looking for a more eye-catching style that is still practical and useful. And who wouldn’t want a handless umbrella?

The KAZbrella


The next option is the KAZbrella, a British brand with patented technology. This inverted umbrella is slightly more expensive, but it makes up for the price with great designs and the option to pick either a straight handle or a J curve one. There are color choices for both the inner and outer linings of the umbrella. It is also created to withstand strong winds.

The KAZbrella Features:

  • Aerolastic technology that ensures the umbrella can hold up to any wind and weather
  • Reinforced seams for optimal waterproofing
  • Double-lined canopy
  • Wide canopy diameter at 40.1 inches
  • Extra-durable spokes made of fiberglass and carbon
  • Strong, square aluminum shaft
  • 34.5 inches long with straight handle, 36.2 inches with curved handle

If you’re willing to splurge just a bit on a high-quality umbrella, the Limited Edition KAZbrellas offer beautiful designs combined with innovative technology that will ensure you never get wet on a rainy day.

The Regnet Auto D Double Layer Reverse Umbrella


Our second choice is the Regnet Auto D Umbrella. This is a high quality and durable inverted umbrella. In addition, its J shaped handle retains a traditional umbrella look while providing the benefits of a reverse umbrella. It comes in a solid navy color that blends in beautifully with a wide range of outfits and styles.

The Regnet Auto D Double Layer Reverse Umbrella Features:

  • Windproof double layer
  • Classic J shaped handle
  • Solid, pointed tip to prevent damage to the umbrella material
  • High-quality waterproof coating
  • Extra-wide canopy of 44.1 inches

If you are looking for a simple and practical upside down umbrella, this one is ideal for you.

The Newbrella


Finally, we come to our last choice, the Newbrella. This is an efficient reverse umbrella that features a fast, automatic closing mechanism. This addition is especially useful when getting into a car, as it allows the driver to close the umbrella very quickly in order to get the door shut before a deluge soaks the car seat and floor. The umbrella also comes in a variety of attractive designs.

The Newbrella Features:

  • Fast auto-close button that allows you to close the umbrella with one hand while entering your car
  • Extra water-repellent polyester fabric
  • Wide, 42.5 inch canopy diameter
  • 32.3 inches long shaft
  • Sun-resistant fabric (30 UPF)
  • Sleek, J hook handle
  • Flat cap on umbrella shaft so umbrella can stand easily on its end
  • Several color choices with solid and patterned options
  • Reflective canopy for safety in the dark

The Newbrella reverse umbrella brand is suitable for anyone looking for a traditional umbrella look and style but with the practical benefits of an inverted umbrella.

An Inverted Umbrella Will Dry Itself

An additional benefit to the reverse umbrella design is that it keeps the water inside the umbrella. Traditional umbrellas let the rain water drip out onto the floor, or worse, onto you. The result? Slippery floors just waiting for your exuberant 3 year old to slip on, a drenched car floor to slowly chill your feet, and makeup and hair ruined by the smattering of rainwater that just pattered down all over you. This deplorable situation is entirely unnecessary.


Reverse open umbrellas do not cause this problem while drying, since they trap the water inside. While the umbrella is closed, the water slowly evaporates away, and you get the delight of opening a dry, ready-to-use umbrella the next time you pick it up. Alternatively, you can dump the water at your convenience. No more messy and slippery floors.

An Inverted Umbrella Can Stand on Its Own

So an upside down umbrella can fix the problem of the puddle in your entryway, but what about storage? This is another area where a reverse umbrella carries the day over other umbrellas. A traditional umbrella folds up into a stick that requires an umbrella holder or at least something to carefully and precariously lean the umbrella against. I’m sure you’ve experienced that moment when you walk away toward the kitchen just to hear the crash of the umbrella falling to the ground behind you. Or maybe you get to wait a few hours until someone else walks in and trips over it.

A reverse umbrella eliminates this issue entirely. Because it closes in the opposite direction of a traditional umbrella, it is able to stand on its own spokes. Once you’ve emptied the excess water from it, just set it upside down with the handle pointing upward. It’s perfectly visible and easy to grab as you exit the house. Of course, if you love your umbrella stand, it can go in there just as well as a traditional umbrella.

The Learning Curve

Probably the only thing you need beware of once you purchase an inverted umbrella is the learning curve. As I’ve been saying, it will store the rainwater inside until it evaporates or you dump it out, so you need to be careful not to turn it upside down. The handle needs to point toward the floor until you get rid of the water in the umbrella. It would be unfortunate to save yourself from getting water inside your car only to dump the stored water all over by accidentally setting the umbrella upside down!

But this really isn’t much of an issue. Just remember to keep your inverted umbrella upright, and you’ll be on your way to a happier rainy day. In fact, the unusual look of the umbrella as it closes will probably remind you that you’re using a reverse umbrella, so the learning curve should not be that big of a deal.

An Inverted Umbrella is Safer in Crowds

There’s still another benefit to an upside down umbrella. Imagine you are hurrying down a bustling street or standing in a crowded outdoor venue. Suddenly, the skies open up and deposit a month’s worth of rain upon you and your fellow pedestrians. Fortunately, you remembered to bring your umbrella, but as you attempt to open it in the crowd, you jab the shoulder of the man standing next to you, mess up the hair of the woman in front of you, and narrowly avoid poking out your own eye.

Once again, a reverse folding umbrella solves the problem. Instead of opening upward into people’s faces, it opens downward over the heads of those around you. Just hold it up above your head, open it, and enjoy the relief from the rain – no irritated looks or disastrous scenarios necessary. This aspect of a reverse umbrella makes it a safer option, especially if you live in a city or are frequently in crowded areas.

One More Caveat: The Unusual Look

Admittedly, an inverted umbrella may not have the sleek and simple look of a traditional umbrella (although I think it looks just like a normal umbrella when it is not in the process of opening or closing). And if you’ve got an eye for fashion, the look may be a concern.


But let’s be honest: keeping dry is a practical necessity that ought to be served by the most practical solution. The convenience and ease of a reverse umbrella far outweighs any slight deficiency in appearance. And with the numerous colors, patterns, and designs offered by the brands we’ve listed above, you’re sure to find an inverted umbrella that is just as stylish as it is practical. Besides, being different is cool these days! Owning a reverse umbrella may be your key to popularity! Or not…. But regardless, a reverse umbrella is the practical and smart option.

In addition, we all know that things never change until someone starts doing things differently. Who knows, maybe in a few decades inverted umbrellas will be the norm. I sure hope so!

Inverted Umbrella Review Summary

Everyone hates getting rained on, especially if you’ve got delicate items like a new smartphone. So now, instead of an umbrella that looks like a faulty drain plug for your car door, the reverse umbrella closes outward, allowing you to quickly pull it inside. You will stay much drier, and hopefully that will keep you happier on rainy days. Don’t stick with your old umbrella and a world of wetness, go get an inverted umbrella and learn to enjoy whatever weather comes your way!

Check out the umbrellas listed above, and thanks for reading our best inverted umbrella review, stay dry!

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