best inverted umbrella

Inverted umbrella – That sounds absolutely ridiculous, and you know it.

I agree, but hear me out first. I promise, the best umbrellas are the designs found in our list of the best inverted umbrellas.

Everyone knows that the most annoying part of using an umbrella is getting it into your car door. I’m sure most umbrella users are familiar with the performance art that involves holding an umbrella above your car door in an attempt to avoid scratching your paint, while fiddling with the clunky closing mechanism. At the same time you’re trying to sit down in your car seat without stepping in the newly formed puddle you unfortunately chose as a parking spot.

Here’s a quick video demonstration:


Not to mention, if it’s raining any more than a drizzle you’re probably much wetter than you expected to be after having the forethought to pack an umbrella.

Thankfully, some folks of the inventive sort thought to reverse the umbrella closing motion. The reverse umbrella, or inverted umbrella is the culmination of this design change (I remember when inverted umbrellas were for prop comedy).

best inverted umbrella

The Best Inverted Umbrella or Reverse Umbrella

We’ve compiled a short list to help you choose the best inverted umbrella for your needs.

Number Inverted Umbrella Rating
1 BetterBrella Inverted Umbrella 4.5/5
2 Regnet Auto D Double Layer Reverse Umbrella 5/5
3 Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella 4/5

The BetterBrella Wind-Proof Reverse Open Umbrella

This is an auto opening reverse umbrella, making it extremely easy and convenient to use. The BetterBrella is our pick for the best inverted umbrella. It is available in black, red, or zebra print for the inner lining. The outer lining is always black.

betterbrella best reverse umbrella

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The BetterBrella Features:

  • Automatic opening with single button
  • Ribbed, ergonomic grip
  • Solid, pointed tip to prevent damage to the umbrella material
  • Windproof due to double layer
  • 41.5 inchs, extra wide canopy spread
  • 32 inches tall when folded

The Regnet Auto D Double Layer Reverse Umbrella

This is a high quality and durable inverted umbrella.

best inverted umbrella

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The Regnet Auto D Double Layer Reverse Umbrella Features:

  • Windproof due to double layer
  • Classic J shaped handle
  • Solid, pointed tip to prevent damage to the umbrella material
  • High quality waterproof coating

The Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

This is an affordable, compact reverse umbrella, which makes it a perfect car umbrella.

inverted umbrella reverse red

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The Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Features:

  • C-Shaped handle allows “hands-free” holding, by allowing you to rest this inverted umbrella on your wrist or forearm
  • UV protection from sun (UPF 50)
  • Windproof due to double layer
  • 31.9 inches tall when folded
  • Several different solid color and print designs

An Inverted Umbrella Will Dry Itself

An additional benefit to the reverse umbrella design is that it keeps the water inside the umbrella. Traditional umbrellas let the rain water drip out onto the floor, creating a mess.

Reverse open umbrellas do not cause this problem while drying, since they trap the water inside to slowly evaporate once closed. No more messy and slippery floors.

reverse open umbrella dripInverted Umbrella Review Summary

Everyone hates getting rained on. Especially if you’ve got delicate items like a new smartphone. So now, instead of an umbrella looking like a faulty drain plug for your car door, the reverse umbrella closes outward allowing you to quickly pull it inside. This should keep you much drier, and hopefully keep you happier on rainy days.

Thanks for reading our best inverted umbrella review!