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It is hardly debatable that the Omega Speedmaster is one of the most iconic watches ever created. Even casual watch enthusiasts are looking to replicate this iconic look with budget Omega Speedmaster alternatives.

Although it is hard to compete with a watch that has earned the title of “Moonwatch” through its historical usage by NASA astronauts, both in space and on the moon, there are still a surprising amount of quality Omega Speedmaster homages and alternatives.

Best Omega Speedmaster alternative
Vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional

Of course, there’s still nothing like owning an actual Omega Speedmaster, but we understand that shelling out that much for a watch isn’t reasonable for everyone. (Even if it is worth it.) So we’ve prepared a list of frugal alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster. This list is comprised of what we feel are watches that embody the best Speedmaster homage.

The Best Omega Speedmaster Alternative

Bulova Lunar Pilot – The Bulova “Moon Watch”


It turns out Bulova has their own “Moon watch”. This is a functioning replica of the Bulova chronograph used on the 1971 Apollo 15 mission to the moon. It was actually used to replace Colonel Dave Scott’s broken, NASA issued Omega Speedmaster.

After his Omega Speedmaster was damaged, Scott used his personal Bulova prototype watch as a replacement. This was kept a secret for nearly 45 years, until it was uncovered from his safety deposit box in October of 2015. There was another watch worn on the moon!

So in a literal sense, this is a tribute to the Omega Speedmaster Alternative. This watch has the pedigree, the style, amazing accuracy, and a much more affordable price. No complaints here.

There is also a leather strap version of the Bulova Moon Watch which comes with a NATO strap. The NATO strap has a tan leather patch with the date of manufacture of the original watch that was worn on the moon (the actual Omega Speedmaster alternative). The NASA astronauts used straps like this to wear their watches over their space suits.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30

**At time of publication

Affordable Omega Speedmaster Homage Alternatives

These watches do not share the amazing history of the Bulova Moon Watch but they are fantastic budget alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster, nonetheless. If you’re just looking for a quality, affordable watch with similar design, these are what you want. So here are the budget alternatives to the Omega Speedmaster alternative.

Seiko SSB031 Chronograph

Speedmaster Homage Seiko SSB031 Men's Chronograph Stainless Steel Case Watch

The Seiko SSB031 shares a great number of design queues with the Moonwatch and has actually been referred to as the “Poor Man’s Speedmaster”, or the “Seiko Speedmaster”. The obvious difference is the red accent in the second hand at at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions. Other than that difference this is one of the best Omega Speedmaster homages.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Seiko SSB097

Seiko Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel Black Leather Mens Watch SSB097

The Seiko SSB097 is one of the best Seiko Speedmaster homages. The three stopwatch subdials are in the ideal locations and the crown and start/stop and reset buttons mimic the design and placement of the Speedmaster. The case maintains the rounded outer case with angular inner lug design queues. The entire face is flat, lacking the depth seen on the Speedmaster. The addition of the date display is done very subtly, which is a nice touch. The black snakeskin leather band is a stylish touch but it does stray from the original design style. With just a simple black NATO band replacement this watch is easily at the top of the list for budget Omega Speedmaster alternatives.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30

Gigandet Volante Chronograph


The Gigandet Volante Chronograph series offers several Omega Speedmaster homage options. The Volante bears a close resemblance to the Speedmaster across several models. While they offer the original black dial with steel bracelet, they also offer a blue dial Omega Speedmaster homage, as well as a white dial Omega Speedmaster homage.

Additional options of gold, rose gold, and matte black cases, can be paired with black leather, brown leather, steel, matte black or rose gold bracelets to create a unique spin on the classic Speedmaster or recreate a special edition.

The case is 43mm and water resistant to 100m (330ft).

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Alpha Speedmaster


The Alpha Speedmaster is one of the best automatic Omega Speedmaster homage watches. The Alpha Speedmaster accurately recreates the look of the Speedmaster aside from the red second hand. The Alpha Speedmaster features a hand-wound mechanical Seagull chronograph movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The stainless steel case is 42mm and water resistant to 50m (165ft).

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Citizen Brycen CA0649-14E


The Citizen Brycen CA0649-14E is an extremely affordable Omega Speedmaster alternative. The black dial, minute numbering, and red accents give it a race inspired look. The Brycen uses a Citizen Eco-Drive movement. The case is 47.5mm, stainless steel and water resistant to 100m (330ft). The strap is black leather.

BUY for $180+

*At time of publication

Seiko Sportura SPC137P1


The Seiko Sportura SPC137P1 is one of many Seiko Speedmaster alternatives offered in the solar-powered Seiko Sportura line. The 12 o’clock date window is a noteworthy feature to this watch. The movement is a solar chronograph. The stainless steel case is 45mm and water resistant to 100m (330ft).

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Stuhrling Original 814.01 Octane


affordable speedmaster alternative

The Stuhrling 814.01 Octane is an affordable Omega Speedmaster homage. The only major design difference here is the inclusion of numbers on the dial. The left and right subdials are day and date indicators. The movement in this watch is a Swiss quartz movement.



Fossil Sport 54 Chronograph

Fossil Sport 54 Chronograph Men's Watch CH3026 Speedmaster Homage

The Fossil Sport 54 shares a very similar black faced tachymeter. Its start/stop and reset buttons share a close resemblance to the original. The crown is a bit more stylized and the guard is much more pronounced. The subdial placement is obviously different but still tastefully done and the case is extremely close to the original Speedmaster. Overall this one of many affordable Omega Speedmaster alternatives.



Citizen Brycen Eco-Drive

Citizen Brycen CA4358-58E speedmaster homage

The Citizen Brycen Eco-Drive is an excellent chronograph. The subdial placement, black face, and start/stop, reset and crown all give it similar characteristics to the Omega Speedmaster. The yellow text and outer bezel surrounding the tachymeter are clear and obvious differences between the two. This is still another selection for best budget Speedmaster alternative. It is the Citizen Speedmaster.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Fossil Decker CH2573

Fossil Men's CH2573 Decker Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch With Black Silicon Band

The Fossil Decker CH2573 is an affordable Omega Speedmaster homage. For the price it is hard to beat. The silicone band is not ideal but it can be easily, and cheaply replaced.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Certina DS-2 Chronograph


The Certina DS-2 Chronograph series offers several Swiss-made Omega Speedmaster alternative options. The 41mm stainless steel case can be paired with a stainless steel bracelet or a leather band with accented stitching. The Certina DS-2 is powered by a quartz movement.



Seiko Core SSC229

Sport Solar-Power Stainless Steel

The blocky numbers of the Seiko Core SSC229 make it one of the sportiest Omega Speedmaster alternatives.

BUY for $280.00*    

*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Casio Edifice EF-547D-1A1VDF

omega speedmaster homage Casio Edifice EF-547D-1A1VDF

This Casio Edifice Chronograph is an affordable Omega Speedmaster lookalike. The differences here would be the subdial configuration, the subdial border colors, and the thick silver hour markers on the dial.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Seiko SND367PC

Seiko SND367PC

The Seiko Chronograph SND367PC has an unpainted stainless steel outer bezel instead of the black outer bezel seen on the Speedmaster. Some Speedmasters do have a stainless steel bezel however.



Seiko Spirit SBPY119

SEIKO SPIRIT Solar Men's chronograph watch SBPY119

The Seiko Spirit Solar Chronograph SBPY119 is an interesting Speedmaster lookalike. It has a very minimalistic dial except for the two bold rings around the alarm and minute subdials.

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*Price updated as of 2021-07-30


Pulsar PT3609X1


The Pulsar PT3609X1 is an affordable Omega Speedmaster homage. The stainless steel case is 45mm and water resistant to 100m (330ft). It is powered by a quartz chronograph movement.

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Actual Closest Speedmaster to the Original Moonwatch

The actual closest is the Omega Speedmaster Professional 311. If you are interested in the real deal, this is your watch.


Omega Men's 31130423001005 Speedmaster Analog Display Mechanical Hand Wind Silver Watch




The watches listed here should closely match what you’re looking for in an Omega Speedmaster alternative. You really can’t go wrong with any of these watches if you’re looking for an affordable Omega Speedmaster homage or alternative.

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