beer cap map

It is often said that brewing quality craft beer is an art (brewmaster does sounds pretty darn artistic). As a craft beer fan myself, I wholeheartedly agree and hanging a beer cap map on your wall is a perfect homage to your favorite beers and breweries. It is also an excellent excuse to buy some craft beer from the other side of the USA, all for the fancy bottle cap of course.

What is a beer cap map?

Beer cap maps hold beer bottle caps in place for you so that you can display them as wall art. All you have to do is push your bottle caps in from the back.

They are available in an assortment of different woods and finishes to perfectly match the rest of your room. A beer bottle cap map is a great accent for a home bar as well, for those of you that have your priorities sorted out.

Howdo you hang a beer cap map as wall art?

Holes are drilled for easy mounting of your awesome new beer-themed wall art. A special hanger is also available specifically for the BeerCapMaps version. This hanger creates the cool drop shadow effect you see pictured below. Beer cap maps were even featured on The Today Show and in Food Network Magazine. This wooden beer cap map is over 3 feet wide.

Wooden beer bottle cap maps are lightweight, so don’t worry about any heavy duty mounting kits. If you can avoid hitting your fingers with a hammer, you can easily mount these maps. Just put your beer cap map where you want it and start with the top corners. Some sellers even include the mounting hardware with your purchase.

beer cap map wood

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How is a beer cap map made?

Beer cap maps are made by laser cutting wood into the desired shape, and then cutting out small circles with nubs for the bottle caps to fit snugly against. The wood is then stained and sealed. When finished the beer cap map is surprisingly sturdy.

craft beer wall art beer bottle cap map
State Beer Cap Map

Luckily enough, state beer cap maps are also available. All 50 states are available. A state beer cap map allows you to get a little more precise with the placement of your bottle caps.

beer cap map california

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Place beer bottle caps for different breweries near their actual locations! Make it a challenge to find a brewery for each spot on your map, or take it a step further and actually visit them. This is a great excuse to take a few weekend road trips, and try some new beer (like you really needed one, ahem).

Metal Beer Cap Map

Metal beer cap maps are available in both a USA map and select state maps. This map is over 3 feet wide and made out of galvanized steel. It can be used both inside or outside (outdoor bar? Yes please.)

large metal beer cap map

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The metal beer bottle cap map uses a crease with a special cutout to hold your beer bottle caps firmly in place. The metal definitely gives off a more industrial vibe, perfect beer wall art for a converted loft or a bar with metal accents.

metal beer bottle cap map wall art

Dark Stain Beer Cap Map

A dark stain beer cap map is a nice middle ground between the metal and the lighter wood finishes. If you have darker furniture, this will blend right in.dark stain wooden small beer cap map wall art

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Small Beer Cap Map

A smaller beer bottle cap map can be perfect for the top of a bar cart or cabinet, or if you just don’t have the wall space for a larger size. The stand also lets you avoid putting holes in your wall if you happen to be renting. They can still be wall mounted as well. Although, it may be hard to accurately place any beer bottle caps around their home state. Leaving out Michigan and Wisconsin is a bit unfortunate!

small beer cap map wall art

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Last Call

I love my beer cap map. A wooden USA map was given to me as a gift for my birthday. I had no idea what it was. After seeing some pictures of a fully filled in beer cap map online, I thought it was pure genius. This is definitely a great gift for craft beer enthusiasts.

The recent (and amazing) trend of supermarkets offering build-your-own craft beer six packs has definitely helped me fill mine in. Browsing through craft beers by brewery location rather than name and style (or alcohol percentage) makes for a fun experience. If your significant other has a love for beer, then bring them too, and if not, find a new one (only kidding, don’t do that!).

A word of advice: be careful when opening beers if you intend to add your bottle cap to your beer cap map. Bent caps do not look nearly as good! So if you went with the build your own six pack approach, don’t get too excited, that’s your only cap! I know from experience.

Happy collecting with your beer cap map. Cheers!