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26 Affordable Rolex Daytona Homage Alternatives

The Rolex Daytona has been in production since 1963. It has an iconic look that is often sought to be replicated by other watch manufacturers producing affordable Rolex Daytona alternatives and homages. The set of 3 high contrast sub-dials, screw-down crown with equally pronounced pushers, and sharp tachymeter bezel combine to create this classic, motor sport inspired timepiece.

The Best Affordable Rolex Daytona Homage Alternatives

Seiko SSB033

seiko ssb03 best rolex daytona alternatives

The Seiko SSB033 is a black dialed chronograph with red accents on the second hand and in the dashes at the 12-9-6-3 positions. The black leather band with white stitching adds to the sporty feel of this chronograph. It has all of the characteristics one would be looking for in an affordable Rolex Daytona alternative.

Invicta 9211 Speedway Chronograph

invicta 7025 best rolex daytona homage

The Invicta 9211 is an affordable Rolex Daytona homage. It shares nearly all of its design features with the modern Daytona Cosmograph. If you are looking for an affordable Rolex Daytona homage for daily wear then this is an excellent choice.
The Invicta Speedway 9223 is a black dial version of the 9211.

Rotary GS00600/04

affordable rolex daytona homage rotary

The Rotary GS00600/04 is an affordable Rolex Daytona homage. It features a stainless steel case, quartz movement with date and chronograph functions, and a water resistance of 50m (165ft).

Orient NEO 70’s Solar Panda


The Orient Neo 70’s Solar Panda has styling that you could consider an homage to the late 1960’s Rolex Daytona or even the Paul Newman Daytona. A panda chronograph is a white faced watch with black subdials, which resembles a panda’s face. This watch has classic, refined styling and can be worn for almost any occasion.

Seiko SSB025PC

seiko ssb025pc affordable rolex daytona homage

The Seiko SSB025PC is identical to the SSB033 except that it is a white dialed chronograph with sky blue accents on the second hand and in the dashes at the 12-9-6-3 positions. The SSB025PC is paired with a stainless steel band. This is an affordable Rolex Daytona homage.

Henry Jay Specialty Aquamaster

henry jay rolex dayonta homage

This Henry Jay Specialty Aquamaster has a unique color palette with a textured aqua blue dial face and bronze subdial and bezel. It closely resembles the latest Rolex Daytona generation. If you are looking for something with a bit of color this is an excellent Rolex Daytona alternative.

Stuhrling 564.01 Concorso Raceway Chronograph

stuhrling 564.01 concorso raceway affordable rolex daytona homage

The Stuhrling 564.01 Concorso Raceway Chronograph is very similar to the Invicta 9211. They are both among the best Rolex Daytona homages for those on a lower budget. The 564.01 and the 9211 are closest to the latest generation of Rolex Daytona with a stainless steel tachymeter and crown guard.

Tissot Sport V8 T039.417.11.057.02

rolex daytona homage

The Tissot V8 T039.417.11.057.02 has the classic black tachymeter color scheme. It is paired with an angular, modern stainless steel band. The subdial locations are 10-2-6 and there is numbering on 12-8-4 but the overall design is very reminiscent of the Rolex Daytona, making this a quality Swiss Rolex Daytona homage.

Tissot T-Sport PRS516 T044.417.21.031.00

tissot affordable rolex daytona alternative

The Tissot T-Sport PRS516 T044.417.21.031.00 pairs the classic color scheme of black on white, with red accents seen often in the Rolex Daytona. This watch again follows Tissot’s 10-2-6 subdial pattern but features a more classic style stainless steel band than the Tissot V8 shown above. This is a fantastically affordable Rolex Daytona Alternative with an alluring color scheme.

Tissot Quickster T095.417.16.037.00

tissot affordable rolex daytona alternatives

The Tissot Quickster T095.417.16.037.00 has all of the features to qualify it as an alternative to the Rolex Daytona. The bold, high contrast color scheme and subtle white subdials do create a minor departure from the classic Daytona styling.

Victorinox Swiss Army 241447 AirBoss Mach 6

victorinox rolex daytona homage

The Victorinox Swiss Army 241447 AirBoss Mach 6 is a Swiss mechanical chronograph that closely resembles the Rolex Daytona. The addition of hour and minute numbering on the dial and the rounded design of the pushers are the only aspects of this watch that vary greatly from the original, making this an excellent higher-end, but still affordable Rolex Daytona homage.

High-End Alternatives to Rolex Daytona

Hamilton Lord Hamilton

hamilton lord hamilton rolex daytona alternative 1

The Hamilton Lord Hamilton is a perfect Rolex Daytona alternative. The brushed stainless steel subdials borders and tachymeter bezel are reminiscent of vintage Rolex Daytona models. The Lord Hamilton is available with a metal bracelet or a leather strap. It also features a Swiss automatic movement, Valjoux caliber 7750, with a 42 hour power reserve. The case is 47mm, and it is water resistant to 100m (330ft).

Tudor Black Bay Chrono

tudor black bay chrono rolex daytona alternative 1

The Tudor Black Bay Chrono is a Swiss-made, automatic Rolex Daytona alternative. The hour makers are similar those found on the Rolex Submariner, which creates a unique look for this timepiece. The case is 41mm and water resistant to 200m (660 ft). Inside is a Tudor Calibre MT5813 automatic movement with a 70-hour power reserve.

Tudor Fastrider


The Tudor Fastrider offers the most colorful options for a Rolex Daytona alternative. The current line of the Tudor Fastrider include red, black, yellow, and green dial options. The vibrant color schemes make this a truly unique looking timepiece.

TAG Heuer Carrera CV1A10.BA0799

tag heuer rolex daytona alternatives

The TAG Heuer Carrera CV1A10.BA0799 is another Swiss made alternative to the Rolex Daytona. The most notable differences between the two are the red accent on the top pusher, the black accent on the crown, the slightly raised 9 and 3 subdials, and the angular design of the case. Overall this is a sharp, modern, and well executed design.

TAG Heuer CAZ2010.BA0876

tag heuer rolex daytona alternatives

The TAG Heuer CAZ2010.BA0876 also features the red accent on the top pusher, and the black accent on the crown. The tachymeter text is highlighted in red and the subdials are rotated to the 12-9-6.

Hamilton Pan Europ H35756755

hamilton rolex daytona alternative

The Hamilton Pan Europ H35756755 has a unique design but shares a multitude of design characteristics with the Rolex Daytona. The biggest differences are the more square shaped case, the dive timer bezel, and the missing 6 position subdial. However, the overall color scheme and layout of the bezel make this an awesome Rolex Daytona alternative.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph

omega speedmaster racing 1

The Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph is priced higher than some of the other Rolex Daytona alternatives that we have listed. This Omega Speedmaster shares the same subdial setup, pusher arrangement, tachymeter bezel and color scheme as the Daytona. This high-end Swiss made timepiece can still be had for around 20% of the price of the Rolex, and that is why it is worth mentioning.

The Best Paul Newman Daytona Homage

It is difficult to discuss the Rolex Daytona without mentioning the most famous Rolex Daytona, the “Paul Newman” Daytona. The “Paul Newman” Daytona refers to the exotic dial version worn by the actor himself. The model is known for its ivory dial, black subdials, and red accents.


Daytona’s in this style have sky rocketed in popularity over the years, and so has their price. Paul Newman’s personal “Paul Newman Daytona,” currently holds the record for the highest auction price for a wristwatch at $17.75 million.

Since an original model now carries a price tag several orders of magnitude out of the price range of all but the wealthiest, most serious watch collectors, the demand for Paul Newman Daytona homage and alternatives has risen.

Alpha Daytona Chronographs


Alpha Daytona Chronographs are some of the best Paul Newman Daytona homages available. They carry excellent quality homages to nearly all generations and variations of the Rolex Daytona, but their Paul Newman Daytona is the most popular. It also features an exhibition back, so that you can see the internal components of the mechanical movement.

Citizen Brycen CA0649-06X


The Citizen Brycen CA0649-06X is an extremely affordable Paul Newman Daytona alternative because of its ivory dial and orange accents. The Brycen uses a Citizen Eco-Drive movement. The case is 47.5mm, stainless steel and water resistant to 100m (330ft). The race inspired strap is brown leather.

Gigandet Racetrack


The Gigandet Racetrack series is a great panda chronograph, making it a serviceable Paul Newman Daytona homage. The race inspired strap is also a nice touch. Inside the stainless steel case is a Citizen-Miyota movement.

Stuhrling Formula i


Stuhrling Formula i series offers several color combinations. Most notable is their “Ivory” color, which is an excellent Paul Newman Daytona homage. Stuhrling says the Formula i series was “inspired by the same design that set a new record for the highest auction price ever paid for a wristwatch.” Inside is a quality Seiko quartz chronograph movement with “sweep” second hands and time-keeping and totalizing functions. The case also provides 100m (330ft) of water resistance.

Gigandet G5


The Gigandet G5 series offers several options that would make a perfect Paul Newman Daytona homage. Inside the stainless steel case is a Citizen-Miyota movement.

Tudor Tiger Prince Date


The Tudor Tiger Prince Date is more of luxury-but-still-affordable alternative, rather than a Paul Newman Daytona homage. It is a Swiss-made automatic timepiece by Rolex’s sister company, Tudor.

Gevril Tribeca


The Gevril Tribeca is a rare Paul Newman Daytona homage. It is a Swiss-made timepiece powered by a 51 jewel ETA 2824 mechanical automatic movement. The movement also includes the Dubois-Dépraz 2020 Chrongraph module. A more affordable quartz version of the Genvril Tribeca also exists.

Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Chronograph


The Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Chronograph is another Swiss-made Paul Newman Daytona homage. It is powered by the Dubois Dépraz DD 2020, a Swiss automatic movement which is based on the same ETA 2824-2 found in the Gevril Tribeca. And unlike the Tribeca, the Ocean One Vintage is also still in production.

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